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2012-06-26 20:09:22
Same thing as usual lately has now been fixed in the Weekly Overview.

2012-06-24 05:22:30
Same fix again, this time on Hardware Shipment Line Graph Generator.

2012-06-23 19:18:44
Game Search has been fixed; it was afflicted with the same trouble as most of the others from a few updates back.

2012-06-23 15:59:07
Another fix. The function that makes numbers presentable for tables is no longer willing to put up with the character the graphing software uses to represent blanks in the same way, so it's got to go through one more small step to make it show as 0 rather than yelling out a warning. At a glance it seems like this was only a problem for the Japanese Hardware Sales Line Graph Generator, since it tries to list every single week while other things list what data is actually present in the database.

2012-06-23 11:18:21
Same issue as last time has been fixed in more areas: Japanese Software Sales Line Graph Generator, Japanese Hardware Sales Pie Graph Generator, Japanese Hardware Sales Bar Graph Generator, Japanese Software Sales Group Bar Graph Generator, Game Database Direct SQL Access.

It was also pointed out that the companion page to the last one, Game Database Direct SQL Access: Table Descriptions, was extremely out of date, so it has been updated. Today appears to be exactly 4 years since it was created (and last touched)!

2012-06-20 14:38:02
My host just upgraded to newer versions of both PHP and MySQL. Unsurprisingly not all code written before works 100% the same way, so errors are popping up in various places. I've only scratched the surface so I'm not sure how widespread things are. In the next few days I'll try to get things patched up, though without going through everything with a fine-tooth comb or trying a thousand things on the site it's quite likely something will slip through the cracks. So if something is still wrong and I haven't updated the site in a few days, give me a heads up.

For now I've just made a fix to the Japanese Hardware Sales Line Graph Generator. For reference, it seems like it's no longer sufficient to say the code equivalent of "Give me column X of this search result" if only one result is expected; it's now necessary to specify "Give me column X from row 0 of this search result". I imagine there's a lot of that around the site.

2012-06-17 11:17:14
Fix with the Game Search. It's been using cache files to lessen server strain for months now, but it's just come to my attention that it was losing information about wildcards, so searches for "dragon", "dragon%", "%dragon" would all match to the same file name and return the results of whichever one was created first. Fixed now.

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