Japanese Hardware Sales Bar Graph Generator
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Commonly needed weeks
2000 start2000-01-03
2000 end2000-12-25
2001 start2001-01-01
2001 end2001-12-24
2002 start2001-12-31
2002 end2002-12-23
2003 start2002-12-30
2003 end2003-12-22
2004 start (53 weeks)2003-12-29
2004 end2004-12-27
2005 start2005-01-03
2005 end2005-12-26
2006 start2006-01-02
2006 end2006-12-25
2007 start2007-01-01
2007 end2007-12-24
2008 start2007-12-31
2008 end2008-12-22
2009 start (53 weeks)2008-12-29
2009 end2009-12-28
2010 start2010-01-04
2010 end2010-12-27
2011 start2011-01-03
2011 end2011-12-26
2012 start2012-01-02
2012 end2012-12-24
2013 start2012-12-31
2013 end2013-12-23
Commonly needed weeks
PS2 launch2000-02-28
WSC launch2000-12-04
GBA launch2001-03-19
GCN launch2001-09-10
Xbox launch2002-02-18
SC launch2002-07-08
GBASP launch2003-02-10
DS launch2004-11-29
PSP launch2004-12-06
GBM launch2005-09-12
X360 launch2005-12-05
DSL launch2006-02-27
PS3 launch2006-11-06
Wii launch2006-11-27
DSi launch2008-10-27
PSPGo launch2009-10-25
DSiLL launch2009-11-16
3DS launch2011-02-21
PSV launch2011-12-12
3DSLL launch2012-07-23
WiiU launch2012-12-03
Alternately, use the text from above without spaces (like 2009start or dsilaunch) in place of the associated week.

Explanations / Notes:

Group by: System is the default, and what you pick to look at the numbers for one system. Hardware Family is for the sum of various versions of hardware: choose DS with it to see the sum of DS and DS Lite. Manufacturer is for when you want the sum of all of one manufacturer's systems.

Size: At Size 1, the idea is that each pixel of bar height will represent 1000 systems sold. At Size 2, they'll be twice that tall. It's especially important to use this to size things down if doing something like a year-long graph.

Famitsu data goes back to the beginning of 2000, Media Create data goes back to the beginning of 2002. If you request a week that goes back further, it will start with the first week with actual data.