Japanese Hardware Sales Pie Graph Generator
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Commonly needed weeks
2000 start2000-01-03
2000 end2000-12-25
2001 start2001-01-01
2001 end2001-12-24
2002 start2001-12-31
2002 end2002-12-23
2003 start2002-12-30
2003 end2003-12-22
2004 start (53 weeks)2003-12-29
2004 end2004-12-27
2005 start2005-01-03
2005 end2005-12-26
2006 start2006-01-02
2006 end2006-12-25
2007 start2007-01-01
2007 end2007-12-24
2008 start2007-12-31
2008 end2008-12-22
2009 start (53 weeks)2008-12-29
2009 end2009-12-28
2010 start2010-01-04
2010 end2010-12-27
2011 start2011-01-03
2011 end2011-12-26
2012 start2012-01-02
2012 end2012-12-24
2013 start2012-12-31
2013 end2013-12-23
Commonly needed weeks
PS2 launch2000-02-28
WSC launch2000-12-04
GBA launch2001-03-19
GCN launch2001-09-10
Xbox launch2002-02-18
SC launch2002-07-08
GBASP launch2003-02-10
DS launch2004-11-29
PSP launch2004-12-06
GBM launch2005-09-12
X360 launch2005-12-05
DSL launch2006-02-27
PS3 launch2006-11-06
Wii launch2006-11-27
DSi launch2008-10-27
PSPGo launch2009-10-25
DSiLL launch2009-11-16
3DS launch2011-02-21
PSV launch2011-12-12
3DSLL launch2012-07-23
WiiU launch2012-12-03
Alternately, use the text from above without spaces (like 2009start or dsilaunch) in place of the associated week.

Explanations / Notes:

Group by: System is the default, and what you pick to look at the numbers for one system. Hardware Family is for the sum of various versions of hardware: choose DS with it to see the sum of DS and DS Lite. Manufacturer is for when you want the sum of all of one manufacturer's systems.

Size: At Size 1, the idea is that each system sold will be represented by 1 pixel, though that won't be perfect. At Size 0.5, the radius will be half that. It's especially important to use this to size things down if doing something like a year-long pie.

Anti-aliasing: Gives a smoother image, but it's also more taxing on the server and thanks to many more colors involved creates a much larger file size.

Pac-Chart: Changes background to black and text to blue. If a piece of the pie is greater than 50%, it will be turned yellow and set apart from the rest of the pie, creating a Pac-Man look.

Famitsu data goes back to the beginning of 2000, Media Create data goes back to the beginning of 2002. If you request a week that goes back further, it will start with the first week with actual data.