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2009-04-25 11:15:22
The three hardware shipment tools: Line Graph Generator, Bar Graph Generator, and "In terms of" Generator have been updated to allow users to choose DSi and PS2. The latter is separate from "PS2 old", and is the current method of shipment reporting Sony uses. However, since they only started giving it relatively recently, it jumps from 0 in 2000 to 101 million in early 2006 in a single bound, so sticking with the old one may be better for looking at PS2's earlier life.

2009-04-23 17:19:38
It's been a quarter or so, but finally something new beyond added data! The Japanese Software Sales Line Graph Generator can now be used to chart entire groups as well as the individual games it always has. To you the end user it's a very slight change on the page: each ID/abbreviation set now also has radio buttons to let you choose between Game and Group. Game remains the default.

Since there are now two types of IDs to differentiate, the result images now have the IDs in the legend prefaced by either "G " for individual games or "Gr" for groups. This does mean that the minimum possible legend size takes up 14 more pixels of width than it used to.

Unrelated to the new functionality but just because it looks nicer, the ID numbers are now right-aligned as well.

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