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2020-01-26 19:52:34
The first notable Garaph change in years! Though this place is mostly dead, one thing that has been kept mostly up to date on the database are hardware shipment numbers. At least the ones easily available to the public, which mostly means Nintendo. Anyway, the old Hardware Shipment Line Graph Generator, Hardware Shipment Bar Graph Generator, and Hardware Shipment "In terms of" Generator continued to work with new hardware releases, but I didn't alter the dropdown boxes for System-Region selection because it was a pain in the butt, they were already crazy long, and the #1 use of the site (me) knew how to manipulate the URLs to get the desired results anyway. Well, I finally decided to make it a bit easier on myself. The dropdown selections have been replaced with text input, and all the System-Region combinations are listed at the bottom of the pages. There are a lot, but most are pretty obvious: Common abbreviation, underscore, region (WW/JP/NA/EU, and very little O). Another underscore and SW for software numbers instead of hardware. Since again I am the #1 user, I haven't tried to explain all the reasons there are "old" versions of some, and this far out I probably only half remember anyway. Hopefully this didn't break anything!

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