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2012-02-19 10:44:47
Japanese Software Sales Line Graph Generator has been updated to use the combined day/date fields.

Hardware Shipment Bar Graph Generator has been updated to give more options for bar size: width, space between each bar, and how many pixels of height each shipped million should be displayed as. There should also be very slightly less unused white space above the bars, as I copied over more recent and better sizing/scaling code from the Japanese Hardware Sales Bar Graph Generator.

2012-02-19 04:19:57
Some changes to the Hardware Shipment Line Graph Generator, most not very noticeable to the end user. Some changes have been made so it will create slightly shorter URLs, though legacy URLs should still work. Most of these changes were to bring it up to date with changes previously made with other generators, but there's one new change that should find its way to others: the combination of the begin/end for day or date. Since it's impossible to use both at once, and there's already a selection between day/date modes above, having separate textboxes for them is just wasteful and more confusing.

While I was testing these changes I saw that the Line Width option wasn't working and fixed that. It was using anti-aliasing for a better-looking result, but that fixes it at width 1. Now if you put in something else, it won't turn on anti-aliasing.

Additional improvement: When viewing the results in HTML mode, the image displayed uses the forum-friendly version of the URL.

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