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2012-01-16 15:32:05
So I actually made this change a couple days back, but wasn't sure whether I wanted to mention it. Guess there's no harm and it's best to document it. If you add &vl=1 or /vl/1 (depending on what type of URL you've got) to a game line (linecomparegamejp.php), it will add vertical lines signifying years. If you're doing day mode it will show the line every 365.25 days from launch. If you're doing date mode, it will show the line every January 1.

The reason I wasn't sure I wanted to mention it is I'm still toying with it. I'm still tinkering a bit with how the lines appear, and I'm wondering whether there should be other vertical line options than just this yearly thing. So it's not set in stone or added to the game line creator page. However, I also know there are plenty of times when I get things to such a half stage and they sit forever.

2012-01-13 17:13:09
Both being old and long without update, and both sharing a lot internally, do not be surprised that the hardware pie graph update is followed by a hardware bar graph update. The changes are largely the same; like updated aesthetics, the ability to cover multiple weeks, and a proper Japanese Hardware Bar Graph Generator.

2012-01-13 11:46:19
Following fixing that line issue, I decided to try and fix another issue: crazy pies. For some reason the pie generators that used to work fine started being crazy some time ago, and I couldn't figure out why. Trying again, it turns out: It wasn't me. I upgraded to a new version of the JpGraph software, and that seemed to take care of it. Rather than just patching it up, though, I decided to make some improvements.

*Previously there were three separate pie creators: piechartweekly for individual weeks, piechartspan for multiple weeks, and pacchartweekly for Pac-Man. What seemed the simple thing to do 6 years ago now seems goofy, and instead they're all just possibilities of piehardjp and the Japanese Hardware Sales Pie Graph Generator.
*Anti-aliasing is also an option, though as it creates much larger files and taxes the server more it's not the default.

*It can use the shorthand for commonly needed weeks recently introduced elsewhere. Want to get the first week of 2011, just use 2011start instead of a week.
*The little Garaph icon is there in the corner.
*Other internal stuff you won't see, but gives it some of the traits the line generators have evolved in recent years.

The Weekly Overview pages' pie links now use piehardjp instead of piechartweekly.

2012-01-13 04:41:39
A bug present for years has been fixed. Whether from the Japanese Hardware Sales Line Graph Generator, the individual software pages or elsewhere, all software lines were a little off. The left side would have a gap befor what was supposed to be the starting value, and the right side of the line would leak off,sometimes with the end point hiding behind the legend. No more.

2012-01-08 07:34:23
Addition to the Japanese Hardware Sales Line Graph Generator, as a shortcut to referencing the "Commonly needed weeks" table. Want the date for 2001 start? Put in 2001start for the date. Want the GBASP launch? Put in gbasplaunch. Even shorterhand, putting in just launch will also work, but remember that if you're letting the systems past the first share the "date" given for the first, it will use their individual launch dates.

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