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2011-11-13 09:33:37
Since the attach stuff added in so nicely, I decided to add in some more hidden information. Now the individual software pages have the option of showing "legs" information, based on how the further sales compare to the game's first week. This is the same calculation the Japanese Software Sales Line Graph Generator uses for the "Percent based on first value" option.

2011-11-12 21:26:38
A fix on that latest individual software page addition. The hardware totals weren't always taking into account all models of a system. So once original model DS stopped being listed weekly, its total stopped being included. Now fixed.

2011-11-12 18:23:03
The individual software pages have seen another update. The hardware bit in the previous update was really the tip of the iceberg. More could be shown, but I didn't want the page cluttered up with a ton of side information. I made a test version of the page with the extra, liked it, then realized the solution was to have disappearing reappearing columns, like the Game Search page does. So now where the previous update added in the lines about where the hardware had reached by the time of the game's launch, there's a checkbox offering "View extended hardware/attach information." which will make the extra columns (and row at the bottom) appear.

In addition, some cell formatting was done to make things nicer and consistent with other pages: sales numbers right-justified, ranks centered.

2011-11-09 11:47:41
A fix and an addition to the individual software pages. Fix: Because the regular and Kindle versions of the page were visually the same, they shared the same cache file. However, the links were still different, so a person could run into a situation where they'd be browsing the regular version of the site and end up in the Kindle version or vice-versa. Not anymore. Addition: Between the group links and the start of the weekly sales data, it gives the hardware userbase up through launch week, using both Famitsu and Media Create numbers. If the numbers in Garaph don't go as far back as that system's launch, it will remain blank.

2011-11-06 09:36:48
There was an issue where attempting to the base of the nonstandard versions of the site (DS, PSP, and Kindle) without specifying "/index.php" would forward a user to the regular site's front page. This should be fixed now.

2011-11-06 09:28:12
Japanese Hardware Sales Line Graph Generator and its looooong counterpart have had an overdue update to the "Commonly needed weeks" table on the right side. It's now split into two columns with larger text for easier reading, includes weeks for 2011-2013, and even the launch week for Vita is there, assuming there are no last-minute launch changes.

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