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2011-08-12 09:27:26
I'm not sure if something broke it along the way or there was a problem from the beginning I just didn't always know about, but the "Percent based on first value" option of the Japanese Software Sales Line Graph Generator has had a problem for a long time. For some reason, certain games would end up with more Y values to plot than X values. Today I tried to track down the problem, and while I couldn't quite figure out WHY that last extra bit was being added, I could see where it was happening; and merely rewriting it using a slightly different method seemed to keep the results without keeping the problem.

2011-08-09 09:52:36
Still on a group kick. Two improvements to the group pages today.

1. I have previously considered some sort of connections between groups. For instance, so that the Resident Evil 4 group would be presented as a subgroup of the main Resident Evil group. At the time I was thinking of these connections being made manually, but I've just whipped things up so it will all be automatic. If you visit a group, it will tell you which groups it's a subset of, as well as a superset of. So Resident Evil 4 will say it's a subset of Resident Evil, and going to the Resident Evil group it will say it's a superset of the Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 5 groups.

2. For Super Groups the group description is really the parameters from Game Search that were used to form it. So now Super Group descriptions will link to those results at Game Search for your own further meddling.

2011-08-08 20:05:10
I'm introducing a new type of group, which I'm calling a super group. Whereas regular groups I add entries to manually, super groups I can define with parameters similar to what the Game Search page uses. However, the idea is that these super groups can be used just like the old groups are. This necessitated some changes in anything that used the groups--hopefully not without too many more mistakes made while doing so.

Though most of the work involved allowing super groups to work, sometimes I ran across something written 3+ years ago that was a bit out of date, or had heretofore unnoticed bugs, or I just noticed where a new feature could exist without getting me too off track. Things worth noting:

Japanese Software Sales Line Graph Generator
*The radio button to choose between Game and Group is no longer necessary, and has been removed. If you mean Game 4, you put in "4" or "G4". If you mean Group 4, you put in "Gr4". If you mean Super Group 4, you put in "S4". URLs created the old way should still work.
*When making tables of days from launch in HTML "more detail" mode, there was nothing treating groups different from normal games. It therefore tried to find group data from the game part of the database, resulting in incorrect or blank results. Now for groups (and super groups) it knows to use the launch day for the oldest piece of software as the group launch day.
*The images shown at the bottom of the HTML modes are done with an improved method. The URLs shouldn't list as much unnecessary stuff, and they're automatically in forum-friendly mode.

Software Groups
*Super Groups are listed below the regular groups.

Group Pages
*Since Super Group numbering may leave gaps, a different method of choosing groups for the Previous and Next links at the bottom is used.

Individual Software Pages
*"Belongs to super groups: " is now below "Belongs to groups: ".

2011-08-05 12:45:52
The Weekly Overview page has an update that should mostly be invisible to humans. If you attempt to go completely out of the bounds of the dates in the database, it will just take you to the current default week. What this should mostly do is stop filling the Garaph cache with webcrawling robots' attempts to get weekly overviews from 1970 through 2030.

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