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2009-01-22 10:15:03
Slight change in the Famitsu Top 30 bar chart. The code was saved with a smaller-than-possible bottom margin. This screwed up height calculations, and thus bars weren't conforming to the expected 1 pixel of height = 2000 unit sales. Now they should be.

2009-01-12 10:57:11
Literally a fix of one character for a tiny old issue. Software groups are supposed to display links to the previous and next groups, unless they're the first or last. However, a < was used where a <= was needed, so the next-to-last group wasn't showing links to the actually-last group.

2009-01-11 13:24:50
Not a tool change, but a... data policy modification. Until now, data has come from systems PS2 on. A time period where we have pretty full weekly data as well as things like full-year Top 300 lists and mid-year Top 100 lists to get data from. Though there's some data available for older systems, it's not enough to give a very complete picture.

However, when comparing games across the generations, it would also be really desirable to have some of those PS1/N64-era numbers. So I've compromised. I won't try to add in as much of the older weekly data as possible and create a [i]really[/i] patchy set of data, but will only look at things like the full-year Top 100 lists. This will at least allow one data point for the more successful games of each year from 1996 through the present; several for those games which were among the top for multiple years. It still won't be nearly as good as a site like Japan-GameCharts for seeing lifetime totals of games, but it might let us see if a game could match its predecessor's sales at an age of three months.

As of today N64 data from these lists has been added in, with N64 games added to appropriate software groups. Others will come in the future, though for more successful systems like PS1 with many more games listed it will be a bit more of a time-consuming task.

2009-01-06 10:01:01
New Hardware Shipments "in terms of" Generator. Long requested, but I thought it'd be a great pain compared to the technique used when there's steady weekly data available. Not so much, really; working with arbitrary dates (though usually at ends of quarters) just took some slight adjustments. Note that where the Japanese hardware sales version used weeks from launch, this one uses days from launch. Worked on it a few weeks back, have used it a few times since and noticed no more major flaws, so I guess it's time to go live.

2009-01-01 13:14:27
Two additions to the Game Search. First, you can set a limit on sales. If you just want to see games that sold more than 300K, you can. Or less than 100K. Or between 100K and 300K. Whatever. Second, you can view just a fraction of the results. Want to view PS2 games in descending order of sales, but don't care about the bottom 1500 results? Just ask for 1 through 100. Wonder what's next? Ask for 101 through 200. Whatever.

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