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2017-04-22 16:11:53
I've added in replacement shipment data for NES, GB, SNES, and N64 from this NeoGAF thread. I prefer to stick with officially released numbers that can be pointed to, but these seem legit and it's extremely valuable to see numbers for these systems that don't just start in the early 90s.

On that page you can see for each system/region there's an Aggregate and Total Sold to Retailers number which don't usually match perfectly. To get rid of this difference I took whatever total comes from adding the yearly values together and subtracted the end difference of Aggregate and Total Sold to Retailers so the general sales shape remains the same and ends in the right place. Usually this is a small difference, but in a few cases they're hundreds of thousands or even over a million. I'm not entirely sure on the Why of this. However, because this does result in something that doesn't always perfectly jive with the official numbers we have, both versions are in the system. The new more detailed ones are the the default (with names like NES_NA), but attaching old to the end (NES_NAold) goes back to the old version.

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