Garaph Changes Archive

2012-08-04 03:59:42
Companion to the group pages, the software group lines, still needed the fix. They got it.

2012-08-03 11:37:40
Group pages were broken in the same way as the other pages were needing a tiny fix, but since they tend to stay cached without change longer most of them continued showing up fine for quite a while. Fixed now.

Separately fixed, the automatic hardware data gatherers for both Famitsu and Media Create. Famitsu changed their format, requiring modifcations to the parser--and unfortunately they seem to have dropped the pie chart information on how total software sales were split. MC just needed to be told how to recognize numbers for the 3DS LL. Famitsu is just lumping 3DS and 3DSLL together as they did with DSi and DSiLL, so no worries there.

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