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2012-04-13 06:23:29
Change to the Weekly Overview pages. Now it doesn't just give the weekly values, but the LTD. Well, the "LTD", since it's only going to be the sum of whatever period the database covers. So for anything that goes earlier than 2003 there will be quite an apparent distinction between Famitsu and Media Create totals.

Along with these new columns comes some changes to which things are displayed. When only weekly numbers showed, hardware families would only show if they had multiple members listed for that week. However, they're now listed as long as there has ever been multiple models, since the overall LTD will be different. By default all manufacturers of current hardware are also listed, not just ones which have multiple current systems.

2012-04-02 12:52:11
Sometimes Famitsu will do something like provide LTDs for a whole series of games. Sometimes this gives us new numbers, other times it just confirms that it hasn't sold anything since the last number we knew--or at least confirms Famitsu didn't track any more. Either way, I add the data in. This has caused a slight problem, though--the default line graphs shown on the individual software pages and the group pages want to show all the data, which in some of these extreme cases means all the interesting data is on the left fifth of the image, then there are a few long horizontal lines poking out to a new sales point where there was little or no change for a game. Kingdom Hearts is a recent example where a new piece of data for the first game made an apparent 2K change after a period of nearly 10 years, and a change of 0 for a few more recent titles. Anyway, the new workaround is to by default not show until the last known bit of sales data, but the earliest that goes to at least 98% of a game's LTD. In most cases this won't make much difference, and they can still cover a long time period, but from 3600 to 900 days is a little bit of difference.

Group: Before. After.

Individual: Before. After.

While working on the above I found and fixed a few more errors in the individual software pages. Before, weeks of software info would get ignored if there was no matching hardware data for that system from the same week. Also, trouble when we don't have a game's first week and it was still trying to divide by that first week to determine legs.

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