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2011-03-31 12:07:35
Fixes and updates to the Japanese hardware "In terms of" generator. For one, DSiLL, PSPGo, and 3DS have been added. For another, it was passing along tracker selection incorrectly, so it was always using the default of Media Create.

2011-03-11 17:58:12
Now that I see for sure how the Famitsu pages refer to 3DS, Famitsu hardware and software pie info should automatically update now as well. Additionally, I've set things up so when any of these automatic number grabs happen, it is also posted to Twitter: @Garaph.

Updated the Japanese hardware sales line graph generator to include 3DS selections. While doing so, noticed I'd never updated it to feature DSiLL or PSPGo options. OOPS. Hopefully those of you that cared enough cracked the code and made it work yourself.

2011-03-04 21:13:23
Behind the scenes update. From now on, the Media Create hardware numbers should automatically be added to the database shortly after they appear on the web. The same should soon be true of the Famitsu hardware numbers and Famitsu software pie as well, so I won't mention them in a separate update.

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