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2009-07-31 07:42:08
Failure to reset a loop counter in the Japanese Software Sales Line Graph Generator was causing legends to get inaccurate widths and cause overlaps with the lines. This has been fixed.

2009-07-28 15:31:43
Addendum: With a "sum from date", a "sum through date" seemed the obvious next step. However, looking at the code... it was already in there! However, since it was little used and never added to the generator page, it had been forgotten. Since it was 80% ready to go, I finished up the last 20% and now it too is available at the Japanese Software Sales Line Graph Generator.

2009-07-28 14:47:04
The Japanese Software Sales Line Graph Generator has a new feature: the "Sum From Date", very similar to the one that's long been in place in the hardware line generator. It will find the most recent LTD for a game prior to the given date (hopefully finding one the very previous week), then subtract that number from all further values. In this way one could take a game from 2008 and look at a line of how it's been performing just since the beginning of 2009.

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