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2008-12-23 12:17:40
Small fixes and improvements to the Japanese Hardware Sales Line Graph Generator. DSi added to the list of systems, and DSi launch week added to the list of commonly needed weeks. Added a note to 2004 and 2009 about them being 53 weeks. Explicitly linked to the long version with inputs for up to 30 lines rather than the default 6, as well as a more detailed table of weeks for if you want to compare weeks 33-47 of various years or whatever.

In terms of the actual output, I changed the default size from 1100x600 to 700x400. Viewing of the HTML version of results once again shows the correct image at the bottom. The image at the bottom also uses the "forum safe" version of the URL, for easier copy/paste URL action.

The Japanese Hardware Sales "In terms of" Generator also gets the modified table of weeks and DSi added in. The results pages also now correctly link back to the "In terms of" generator, rather than to the hardware sales one. The results page also uses forum-friendly 700x400 URLs for images now, rather than the earlier non-forum-friendlies at 800x400.

2008-12-02 04:43:49
Small addition to the Game Search. A new column has been added, #, which numbers the results from 1 to whatever. Now it's much simpler to see how many results there are, arbitrarily look at #10, find which game is right in the middle; whatever.

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