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2008-09-22 10:39:22
A fix in the Hardware Shipment Line Graph Generator. It wasn't showing the proper time frame when a non-0 beginning was used in "day mode". It should now.

2008-09-07 10:37:21
So there's now a Hardware Shipment Bar Graph Generator. Why? Doesn't the existing Hardware Shipment Line Graph Generator already have things covered? For most purposes, yeah. But the data isn't complete or all up-to-date, especially since some old systems have ceased shipping. So if you want to compare Wii's total to NES, what are you going to do? I guess make a line graph that goes far enough back to show the tail end of the NES data up through the present Wii data. But as a bar it's much more to-the-point.

Now that the tool is there, there are plenty of possibilities, but that's the big one that made this seem necessary.

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